Wideband Record and Playback System

Wideband Record and Playback System was developed to fulfill all spectrum monitoring, recording, and playback requirements of the intelligence services, defense industry, regulators, system developers, and integrators. Its sophisticated architecture can allow to use the system for different purposes with different configurations.

System as a Receiver

Regardless of the signals type and domain, spectrum up to 40 GHz can be acquired and up to 200 MHz instantaneous bandwidth can be recorded. In addition, for covering more bandwidth, RF Record and Playback System simultaneously processes 2 RF input channels. This gives the ability to lossless monitor and record instantaneous bandwidth of up to 400 MHz.


System as a Transmitter

ENOVAS Wideband Record and Playback system provides wideband playback capability up to 200 MHz and transmits signals up to 40 GHz. By using playback capability, the user can simulate field environment and complex spectrum over and over. The system also provides the ability more than one playback to extend transmission bandwidth.


System as a Spectrum Monitoring

In monitoring mode, the user can visualize all RF spectrum from kilohertz to 40 GHz by using sweep feature. Depending on the software defined radio used in the system, the system can sweep at 1 THz/sec at 30 kHz resolution bandwidth. In addition, thanks to the special scanning mode, the user will be able to define which frequency should be scanned and how many milliseconds to stay at this frequency.

Key Features
  • 9System for spectrum monitoring, signal record & signal playback
  • 9Advanced signal record and playback capability
  • 9Can be tailored for all use cases
  • 9Frequency range from 10 kHz to 40 GHz
  • 9Up to 250 MS per RF channel
  • 9Narrowband recording (up to 16 channels) besides wideband recording
  • 9Transmitting signal with high resolution
  • 9Automation & Tasking
  • 9GUI: Spectrum, Spectrogram, Automation
  • 9Powerful Search capabilities: query, visualize, and process previously collected data
  • 9Integration with 3rd party AoA and TDOA systems
  • 9Record up 250 MSps throughput (Wideband & Multiple Narrowband)
  • 9Database logging
  • 9Easy integration with Content Analyzer SW
  • 9Surveillance
  • 9Spectrum management - Interference analysis
  • 9Design and validation
  • 9Test and Measurement


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