Terrestrial Signal Analysis System

The wireless communication systems, which closely follow technological developments and even pioneer them, are observed today in wide bandwidths and intensively. The detection, analysis, and implementation of countermeasures against these systems, which are used for civilian or military purposes, are important for security.

Additionally, in critical fields, rapid and complete intelligence gathering from all signals is vital. The Terrestrial Signal Analysis System is an automatic detection, classification, and analysis system developed for PMR radios in the field to meet these needs.

Key Features
  • 9Turnkey solution for VHF/UHF Spectrum Monitoring
  • 9Covers all mobile frequency bands
  • 9Up to 200 MHz instantaneous bandwidth per channel
  • 9Multi-RF input channel support
  • 9Advanced spectrum monitoring and signal detection capabilities
  • 9Gapless Spectrum and Waterfall Displays
  • 9Automatic signal detection: Center frequency, bandwidth, SNR, duration, symbol rate, modulation type and carrier type (SCPC, TDMA, etc.), PMR protocol type, etc.
  • 9Analog demodulation, listening and recording
  • 9Automatic & automated extraction of data and voice from the signals
  • 9Simultaneous signal detection & content analysis channels: Up to 1024
  • 9Automation & tasking
  • 9Automatic detection and classification of PMR protocols:
  • 9DMR
  • 9TETRA
  • 9NXDN
  • 9TetraPol
  • 9dPMR
  • 9P25
  • 9DSTAR
  • 9Client/server architecture
  • 9Extensive 3rd party receiver support
  • 9ITU-compliant spectral measurements
  • 9Control Suite GUI for antenna control (pedestal & mast) and RF hardware
  • 9Powerful Search capabilities: query, visualize, and process previously collected data
  • 9Powerful Search capabilities: query, visualize, and process previously collected data
  • 9Integration with 3rd party AoA and TDOA systems
  • 9Record up to 200 MHz bandwidth per channel (Wideband & Multiple Narrowband)
  • 9Database logging
  • 9Easy integration with Content Analyzer SW
  • 9Surveillance
  • 9Spectrum management
  • 9Interference analysis
  • 9Design and validation
  • 9Test and Measurement


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