Carrier Monitoring System

Carrier Monitoring System is used for the detection and classification of signals broadcasting in the L, C, Ka, K, Ku frequency bands, and for the analysis of signals broadcasting in the DVB, DVB-S, DVBS-S2, and DVB-S2x protocols.

The system consists of two components. The first one is the “Software Defined Radio (SDR)” which provides flexibility and compatibility. SDR is used as a high-precision signal source and can work with any type of SDR device, allowing the system to integrate with different hardware. This enables the system to support a wide frequency range and bandwidth.

The second component is a commercially available computer where special algorithms and software run to detect and analyze carriers. The software processes the signals received by SDR, allowing analysis of wideband signals with an instant bandwidth of up to 400 MHz.

The system incorporates automation and tasking features. Even when the operator is not physically present, the system can detect anomalies in the frequency band and perform necessary actions automatically. For instance, if an unwanted transmission occurs in an important frequency or if there are changes in the SNR level of a monitored signal, the system can execute predefined actions. These actions can include alerts to the user, automatic recording, or sending digitized samples of the signal to other systems.

Carrier Monitoring System can monitor and measure various parameters. It can analyze standard protocol types, modulation types, DVB-defined methods such as CCM (Constant Coding and Modulation), VCM (Variable Coding and Modulation), and ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation), as well as power levels, symbol rates, frequency offsets, SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio), BER (Bit Error Rate), and other data for detailed signal analysis.

Key Features
  • 9Monitoring from kHz to 40 GHz
  • 9Up to 1600 MHz instantaneous BW
  • 9Analysis up to 1024 signals simultaneously
  • 9Different scan modes
  • 9Automatic signal detection
  • 9Automatic parameter extraction
  • 9Automatic modulation family detection
  • 9Automatic modulation detection
  • 9Automation and tasking
  • 9Intuitive GUI
  • 9Automatic signal detection
  • 9Automatic demodulation
  • 9CCM, VCM, ACM
  • 9Content extraction
  • 9Record and playback
  • 9Extended bandwidth
  • 9Spectrum monitoring
  • 9Anomaly detection
  • 9Unauthorized spectrum use


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