RF Environment Emulator

RF Environment Emulator is a software-based solution that can cost-effectively generate a wide range of RADAR and Communication signals (terrestrial, satellite, cellular, radio, etc.) while emulating realistic RF Environment effects (channel, interference, antenna etc.). Its software-based nature allows for flexibility in designing systems with various RF channel configurations for AoA and TDoA Emulations.

Additionally, it offers a real-time bandwidth of up to 400 MHz per RF channel, providing a broad range of applications. It has the capability to simultaneously generate up to 256 signals within the wide bandwidth. With these capabilities, the system meets the needs of users operating in various sectors, including electronic warfare, modem and satellite manufacturers, and platform developers.

Beside widely used statistical channel models, terrain based deterministic modelling is supported with ray tracing capability. Time dependent scenario generation feature allows the user to define dynamic position, velocity, elevation and signal configuration profiles for emitters.

Re-usable scnearios also support time dependent weather conditions for the simulated environment. The system is able to integrate with third party tools for advanced 3D modelling capabilities.

Key Features
  • 9Reproducing RF environment in a reliable way
  • 9Generation of RF spectrum up to 400 MHz per channel
  • 9Operation frequency ranges from kHz to 40 GHz
  • 9RADAR, Communications, and Satellite signal generation
  • 9Channel models
  • 9Hardware effects
  • 9AoA & TDoA emulation
  • 9Scenario based signal and environment generation
  • 9Third party software integration
  • 9Protocol based signal generation
  • 9Extensive SDR Support
  • 9Connecting radios as signal source
  • 9ML Dataset Generation
  • 9Algorithm validation
  • 9System lab tests
  • 9System validation


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