Communications Signal Emulator

ENOVAS’s Communications Signal Emulator is a product developed with a keen awareness of the signal requirements during system development and verification processes. This system emulates the RF environment that can occur in the field, creating the necessary RF spectrum for both algorithm-level and system-level testing.

Thanks to its flexible architecture, it can generate various types of communication waveforms. In addition to the capability to create custom signals, it can also emulate different types of transceiver systems using defined protocols. Cutting-edge technologies are utilized to rapidly generate an RF spectrum comprising a high bandwidth and a multitude of different signals.

Key Features
  • 9Reproducing RF environment in a reliable way
  • 9Wideband signal generation (up to 400 MHz)
  • 9Operation frequency ranges from kHz to 40 GHz
  • 9Supported modulations
  • 9PSK: BPSK, (S)(O)QPSK, 8PSK, Pi/4-(D)QPSK
  • 9FSK (4, 8, 16), CPFSK
  • 9QAM (4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 512, 1024)
  • 9GMSK
  • 9AM/FM/PM
  • 9ASK (2,4,8)
  • 9AFSK
  • 9 Supported error codes
  • 9Convolutional / Viterbi
  • 9Reed Solomon
  • 9LDPC
  • 9Hamming
  • 9BPTC
  • 9Golay
  • 9Supported access techniques
  • 9OFDM
  • 9FHSS
  • 9DSSS
  • 9TDMA
  • 9FDMA
  • 9Supported Protocols
  • 9DMR
  • 9TETRA
  • 9NXDN
  • 9P25
Key Applications
  • 9Algorithm validation
  • 9Generation of ML test class
  • 9System Lab tests
  • 9System validation
  • 9Third party software integration
  • 9Scenario based signal and environment generation
  • 9Extensive SDR Support


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